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Survivors Speak Outreach Team

Raising Awareness through Personal Experience

“Speaking out is part of a survivor’s therapy… When I speak, my voice is not my voice: it is the voice of thousands of individuals who have been touched by the horrific crime of sexual violence.”

- Tracy DiGiovancarlo
Sexual Violence Survivor and Jane Doe No More
Survivors Speak Outreach Team Member

Survivors Speak

Donna Palomba built Jane Doe No More, Inc. on a simple principle: By giving sexual violence survivors a name, a face, a voice, and a platform, society would begin to understand that anyone can be a victim of this horrific crime. With the acknowledgement that our friends, neighbors, and family members are all likely to have been affected in some way by sexual violence, we can begin pulling back the curtain of silence and facing this crime head on. Jane Doe No More provides support for victims of these devastating crimes through a series of experience-informed initiatives. Together we are making the prevention of sexual violence personal through education, awareness, advocacy and support.

Our Survivors Speak Training encompasses each of the components of our mission: it is our cornerstone educational program designed to increase awareness while providing advocacy, training, and support for survivors. The program begins with sexual violence survivors coming forward and joining our training classes. Over the course of two days - 7 hour workshops, participants explore, document, and ultimately share their personal stories in a supportive environment.

After graduating from our training program, survivors become part of our Survivors Speak Outreach Team. Currently, we have 46 sexual violence survivors on our Outreach Team - males and females with ages ranging from 22-65 who graduated from our workshop. They travel to college campuses, community events, law enforcement training sessions, and a wide variety of other events sharing their stories of survival. By doing so, they provide much-needed education and insights about the crime of sexual violence. They put a face on the crime, and give a voice to the magnitude and impact of sexual violence. They also empower other victims – particularly those still suffering in silence – to come forward, regain control, and to begin or advance their own healing.

Our 9th Survivors Speak Training Workshop will take place the Fall of 2018. Through this program, we are ending the silence surrounding sexual violence and encouraging others to become part of our vocal, vibrant and visible survivor community.

If you would like a member of our Survivors Speak Outreach Team to speak to your group, please request a speaker


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Watch the 2 hour Dateline NBC show of Donna's story 'The Man Behind the Mask' at here.

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