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Duty Trumps Doubt

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What is Duty Trumps Doubt?

Duty Trumps Doubt Rollcall DVD

Duty Trumps Doubt is an 8-minute training video produced by Jane Doe No More in collaboration with Mom & Pop Films and Quinnipiac University. Duty Trumps Doubt reminds first responders -- police officers, EMTs and other law enforcement personnel -- that each sexual assault victim will respond in an unpredictable and individual way.

“This video is intended to build upon the police training that already takes place. We hope it will serve as a powerful reminder to treat each victim with dignity and respect and to always keep an open mind.” explained former Waterbury, CT Chief of Police and current Mayor Neil O’Leary.

Duty Trumps Doubt features sexual assault survivors and law enforcement personnel, as well  as compelling scenes that underscore that each victim and situation different, and that you only have one chance to get it right.

Donna Palomba, founder of Jane Doe No More, Inc., debuted Duty Trumps Doubt at the 2010 IACP conference in Orlando.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present to senior law enforcement from across the country and beyond,” said Donna. “This is an important step in creating the change that needs to occur to remove stigmas and prevent the re-victimization that surrounds the complex and under-reported crime of sexual assault.”

Duty Trumps Doubt is being distributed at no cost to law enforcement across the country to aid in training officers responding to crimes of sexual assault.

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Here's what people are saying about Duty Trumps Doubt:

…a very effective video…The message is strong, clear and graphic.
-Thomas E. Flaherty, Executive Director, CT Police Officer Standards and Training

Very powerful…very personal. It is a reminder to officers that the victims are real
people experiencing real pain.

-Craig Miller, Deputy Chief, Dallas Police Department, Texas

…The message is very informative, and a great training tool…The first
responder’s positive initial interaction will prevent a sexual assault victim being
victimized twice. Tragic incidents are life altering for a victim.

-Colonel Joseph P. Moran, Chief of Police, Central Falls, Rhode Island; President of

Overall, a great video that can be utilized as roll call training or distributed to
officers for viewing during down time on the street with PD vehicle laptops.

-Ed Moore, Chief of Police(retired), Saratoga Springs, New York

Very powerful message. I think it is a good video for new and experienced
officers. Nicely done.

-Colonel Robert Coupe, Superintendent of Delaware State Police

Great idea and concept. These events are stressful to the officer too. Team
efforts tend to keep one problem officer from mistreating the victim.

-W. Keith Denning, Commander, Mansfield Police Department, Texas

The video is right on point. How we initially conduct business as a police officer
and as a person will have a lasting effect on the victim, on the crime scene, the
prosecution and ultimately on the perception of the police. The video provides a
very important message that we can all learn from even after being involved in
the law enforcement profession for over 35 years.

-Jim Peschong, Asst. Chief of Police, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Wow, this video dispels the myths about sexual assault that are not only
damaging to the victims but also dangerous to society's understanding of sexual
violence. A must see for law enforcement!
-Chief Anthony J. Silva, Director, RI Municipal Police Academy

There are some VERY powerful moments, and I like very much that you zeroed
in on one theme--believing the victim.
Congratulations. I have no doubt you will reach many cops delivering the
message the way you did.

-Susan Herman, Recipient of Dr. Henry C. Lee Award 2011


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